Rachel Zoe’s Style Icon


In an interview with Alloy, celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe spoke about what it was like to meet one of her inspirations, Karl Lagerfeld, and how she become completely tongue-tied around the fashion icon.

“I was the most starstruck the first time I met Karl [Lagerfeld], and I just couldn’t really get words out. He was talking to me, and I could hear him, but I wasn’t really absorbing anything. I got so nervous that I became a little bit paralyzed for a minute. But I’ve met him since then, and he’s wonderful. As someone who loves fashion so much, designers seem like some sort of inaccessible genius. And then you meet them and you’re like, “Oh my god, they are that brilliant, they are that amazing.” And my dreams haven’t been shattered yet. It’s kind of nice.”

Rachel and Karl at a party for Harper's Bazaar

Rachel and Karl at a fashion event in Paris

Source: alloy.com

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