JK Rowling’s Influence


The name of the cat, Mrs. Norris, in Harry Potter is author J.K. Rowling’s nod to Jane Austen‘s influence in her writing.

She said, “I’m big on names – I like names, generally. You have to be really careful giving me your name if it’s an unusual one, because you will turn up in book six. Erm – I – I collect – some of them are invented; Voldemort is an invented name, Malfoy is an invented name, Quidditch is invented, erm – but I also collect them, from all kinds of places: maps, street names, people I meet, old books, old saints, erm – Mrs Norris, people will have recognised, comes from Jane Austen.”

She went on to explain that “Dumbledore is an old English word meaning bumblebee. Because Albus Dumbledore is very fond of music, I always imagined him as sort of humming to himself a lot.”

Mrs. Norris is a character from Jane Austen’s 1814 novel, Mansfield Park.

Source: accio-quote.org

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