Elton’s New Favorites


Creating a playlist for Rolling Stone magazine, Elton John explained that music today is not what it used to be. Songs that he had chosen represent diamonds in the rough because they have the potential to become classics.

He told Rolling Stone, “I’ve heard (Lady GaGa‘s) new album.  It’s amazing. The first single, ‘Born This Way,’ is the anthem that’s going to obliterate ‘I Will Survive.’ I can’t think of how huge it’s going to be.”

Of Kanye West, John said, “I ran into him in Honolulu last January.  He’s a stone-cold genius.  He’s like Miles Davis meets Frank Zappa808s & Heartbreak is the sexiest record since What’s Going On.  He played us the track for All of the Lights and it was fucking amazing.  It’s like, Wow, this is something else.  I mean, he sampled Bon Iver!  That’s his genius.  His new album is a masterpiece.”

In addition, he made a playlist of songs that he believes are some of today’s best.

Said John, “These are great songs, all of them. Songwriting is pretty awful right now. If you’re a singer relying on people who write songs for you, you don’t have the Holland-Dozier-Hollands or Bacharach-Davids. Look at the quality of songs now and ask if they will be classics. The answer for 99 percent of them is absolutely not. But these are songs that I will be playing forever.”

Some of his other favorites included:

Bob DylanThunder On The Mountain

Amy WinehouseBack To Black

EminemLove The Way You Lie

Rufus WainwrightVibrate

Hot ChipBrothers

The ShinsAustralia

Kanye West – Say You Will

Kanye West – All Of The Lights

The KillersWhen You Were Young

Lady GaGa – Bad Romance

Lady GaGa – Born This Way

Source: mog.com


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