GoGoMix is a digital media company backed by the iconic Cyndi Lauper.  We map the Lifestyle DNA of today’s top influencers, celebrities and opinion leaders. Our intelligent web crawler and editors search and scrub the web to aggregate articles and stories where celebrities are quoted talking about the things they like to read, watch, eat, wear, music they listen to, places they travel and more. Those stories are then classified into “Mixes” which are used to create the celebrity profiles.  We use our Mix stories to show how the things they like and use connect celebrities to each other. A path of exploration is created for fans to learn about the celebrities they are interested in and to discover new ones. Mixes are updated daily based on stories on the web, social media tracking and interviews.

GoGoMix’s interview series, The Mix, takes you inside the lives today’s stars to get them talking about their favorite things and projects they are currently working on. It also illustrates how those things connect other celebrities to them.

We only use firsthand accounts, interviews and other articles with attributed quotes, which means all our information is verifiable, positive and fun. Our readers and subscribers love our content because it’s truthful, honest and original…and celebrities love us for the same reasons!

If you want to reach the people that are being influenced by today’s celebrities, influencers and opinion leaders and you have an awesome brand or product (which we know you do!) that would benefit from this type of content…then come on! Let’s do it!

Email us today at adops(at)gogomix(dot)com and let’s do some advertising and get down to business!