About Us

What shapes our decisions?  One key factor is the opinions of people we care about, both explicitly and inadvertently.  We call these people Influencers, you might call them Celebrities.  When multiple Celebs have opinions relevant to our decisions, the impact on us is magnified.

At GoGoMix, we are obsessed with authenticity so we only publish content that is vetted, fact-checked, and straight from the source.  We organize these thousands of opinions into categories we call Mixes. Some examples of Mixes include Listen, Watch, Read, Eat/Drink, and Travel.  We also interview Celebs to create our own unique, authentic Mix content.  Some original content we package into our own online video interview series called TheMix.  Then, we show you if and how these Celebs are connected to others via their Mixes.  

But, GoGoMix is not just a cool content site.  We also provide our users a frictionless platform to share Mixes, comment on Mixes, follow Celebs, and  purchase products and services mentioned in Mixes.  Users also discover how they are connected to different Celebs via their Mixes.